The first pret-a-porter collection THABO S/S 2018 Beachwear & Summer Gowns by Lila Nova draws its inspiration from Africa. Vivid colors, perpetual movement & motifs radiating the absolute empowered femininity.

Nn’, is the joint progect of two Athens based sisiters from the Greek world of fashion design & architecture. Award winning designer Lila Nova & Aggeliki Nova focus on creating a new empowering pret-a-porter line  with custom prints and exclusive designs. Their collections draws their inspiration
from Greek antiquity. Vivid colors, perpetual movement and motifs
that radiate absolute femininity.

The peacock eye that appears in the designs is
an ancient symbol of great importance in
Greek mythology. it represents Hera and the all-seeing
power of the goddess as protector of all marital unions.
Like stars are the eyes of the sky, peacok feathers are like a starry sky from
Where the gods are watching over us.

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